Kathryn Miriam brings both experience and expertise to every project, providing white glove service and the upmost attention to each project, big or small.  She oversees custom projects utilizing a network of specialists compiled while working with the best in the business for more than twenty years.  




Placing artwork is in art within itself


Whether you are an established interior designer, new collector, or are building/remodeling a home, finding the perfect placement for an artwork is important. Your investment is often the centerpiece of your home, and should fit seamlessly in place.  Selecting the ideal  lighting for a piece can transform a room, and bring beauty and inspiration to everyday life.  So, it’s best to do it right.  Additional considerations, such as protection of artwork from natural resources, including light, humidity, etc., can be assessed in order to provide recommendations for specialists in fields such as conservation, bespoke framing, and more.


Art Advising


Kathryn is passionate about providing guidance and suggestions to clients in the selection of artworks for their collection, as well as working with designers, architects, and individuals in choosing the perfect piece for their home, office, or public space.  Each client is given personalized attention and Kathryn's research, experience, and network is at his/her disposal. Original literature, educational and curatorial programming such as wall label text, press releases, catalogue essays, and more can be provided.



For pricing and additional information, please contact kathrynmiriamco@gmail.com