It’s very odd to win the lottery.  The odds of a Pick 6 ticket having all six matching numbers is about one in 14 million. For comparison, the chance of a left-handed person getting killed using a right-handed product is 1 in 4.4 million. But I meant odd as in weird, freakish, extraordinary.  Lotto winners go to sleep in one life and magically wake up in another.  It's incredible. Maybe, too incredible.  

“Lottery winners report unending bombardments of harassment. . .
with many unfortunately winding up broke or dead”
- New Jersey Senator Kristin Corrado, Sponsor of the “lottery curse” bill S-2267 

On January 21, 2020, Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey signed a new law allowing lottery winners the option to remain anonymous, joining a list of only 11 states that protect winners’ identities.  The law's sponsors say the bill is aimed at breaking the “lottery curse,” a phenomenon of lottery winners meeting tragic ends. 

The memoir includes interviews with past winners, some who succeeded and many others who experienced the so-called curse.